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Photo ID: 2310
Gallery ID: 33 - Photo CD's
Photo Title: Jean-Leon Gerome Paintings
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jean-leon gerome, photo cd, art, painting
Jean-Léon Gérôme 1824-1904 was a French painter and sculptor. He was a pupil of Paul Delaroche and inherited his highly finished academic style. Academic Art is the painting and sculpture produced under the influence of the Academies in Europe and especially France, where many artists received their formal training. It is characterized by its highly polished style, its use of mythological or historical subject matter, and its moralistic tone. His best-known works are his oriental scenes, the fruit of several visits to Egypt two typical examples are in the Wallace Collection, London. They won Gérôme great popularity and he had considerable influence as an upholder of academic tradition and enemy of progressive trends in art. The term Academic Art is associated particularly with the French Academy and the 19th century salons at which art was submitted for display and prizes were awarded. Artists such as Jean-Leon Gerome and Bouguereau epitomize this style.This great Photo CD collection contains 86 paintings.
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